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About US 

Welcome  to Royal Llewellin 

We are a very small kennel and are interested in preserving the purity of the true Llewellin bloodline. Which is the best bird dogs I have ever hunted. They are obsessed with birds and the hunt.  Our Llewellins are our companions and interact well with our family and friends. But look out they are addicting.  I could not have just one.

Our Llewellin lines are out of a well known Llewellin breeder in Pennsylvania that have provided great hunting dogs for many years.

Our Llewellins are tri colored white black and tan with various ticking and are of the smaller size 35 to 50 LBS

But have chestnut color in their bloodlines and we are hoping to be blessed with a chestnut tri color in a litter.

We will breed our Llewellin only a few times as not to endanger their health or hunting abilities.


We are expecting our first litter in March. This will be the first litter of Suzie by Max. Suzie is bird crazy. As you can see nothing will stop her. She has a great nose, bird  sensing ability, and quickness along with the stylish point

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